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Welcome to Prevention Management
Organization Of Wyoming, Sheridan County

Our Mission & Vision:PMO’s mission is clear: “Through collaborations and partnerships, the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming is dedicated to strengthening the prevention efforts around alcohol,
tobacco, other drugs, and suicide.”

When PMO succeeds in achieving mission, its vision is a healthier Wyoming, free of suicide and the
abuses of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Impact:PMO is established to prevent abuse, disease, injury, and deaths related to tobacco, alcohol, drugs,and suicide. PMO’s services are designed to create a socially, economically, and physically healthier Wyoming. At a community level, impact is recognized by fewer tragic deaths, fewer crimes and
accidents, decreased student and workforce absenteeism, and decreased medical costs. At a statewide
population basis, impact is measured over time by statistically significant changes in public health
indexes and prevalence data.

Goals:While there are a number of outcomes, goals, objectives, and activities defined in grants and contracts, organizationally PMO has a few overreaching, strategic goals. When achieved, these goals can be considered as organizational “wins” — similar to research/development, financial, and production benchmarks that reflect corporate success in the private sector. Strategic goals are a touchstone for programmatic and operational decisions, i.e. “do these help us achieve identified organizational goals”?